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At Wolff Contracting we know how valuable your home is to you. We know that you want it to look its best and feel comfortable. We also know that using the proper paint can save you thousands of dollars in home repair costs.  We think of the exterior paint of your home as its armor against the environment. A good paint job using high quality materials will protect your home. A failing paint job will allow moisture to penetrate into your siding causing wood rot, fungus and mold. Depending on the quality of the paint job you received the last time you had it done, and the climate in which you live, you should be able to expect an average of 7-15 years before it needs painting again. Regardless of how much time has passed, if your paint is showing signs of cracking or peeling, the time is now. What might have cost a few thousand dollars in maintenance could climb into the tens of thousands of dollars in construction repairs.

When our painting team is in charge of protecting your investment, a step-by-step process is followed to make sure your home looks amazing and is protected for years to come.

Before we begin, we will evaluate your home and assist you with making the most informed decision on adding value and comfort to your home. We will do a thorough investigation that includes your area’s climate along with the structure and your budget. After considering all factors and needs we will present you with a formal estimate that will be good for 30 days.